The Secret Key to reach Enlightenment

What was Buddha doing under the Bodhi tree? -- not doing anything. He was not doing in that moment. He was not. Just sitting he achieved the ultimate. It looks puzzling. We are doing so much effort and nothing is achieved, and Buddha was not doing anything under the Bodhi tree and he achieved the ultimate. When you are not doing anything, your energy is not moving out. It goes to the etheric. It is accumulated there.

Your etheric body becomes an electric reservoir. And the more it grows, the more you become silent. The more you become silent, the more it grows. And once you know how to give energy to the etheric body and how not to waste it unnecessarily, you have come to realize, you have come to know about a secret key. Then you can be festive. Really, only then can you be festive. As you are now, drained of energy, how can you be festive? How can you celebrate? How can you blossom? Flowers are part of the luxury. When the tree is overflowing with energy, then flowers come. Flowers are always luxury.


If you want to become a Buddha you will never become, because a Buddha is one who has dropped all kinds of becoming, who is utterly happy in this moment -- for no reason at all. He has nowhere to go, no goal to attain, no target. He has dropped the whole desiring mind with all its layers -- layer upon layer. The mind is like the onion: one layer, the physical; another layer, the psychological; another layer, the spiritual. One who has thrown all those layers, one who has peeled his onion utterly, and has come to the innermost core....  And do you know what the innermost core IS? It is empty. If you go on peeling the onion, finally you come to nothingness. Only nothingness is left in your hands. In the nothingness there is orgasmicness, there is bliss.

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