Who am I? Who am I really? In the past, I have repeatedly examined and questioned myself: Who is "Lu Sheng Yen"? Is Lu Sheng Yen a merchant? A businessman? "During his high school years, he took some business classes and studied bookkeeping. When he was a youngster, he sold popsicles and plum candies ... he is a merchant." Is Lu Sheng Yen a worker? A technician?


"When he was in high school, he took classes in metal casting, and worked as a technician for the Taiwan Mechanical and the Taiwan Electrical Companies, doing work such as moving and hauling cables and machinery. He is a worker and technician." Is Lu Sheng Yen an engineer? "Yes. He is an engineer, a surveying engineer. During his college years, he studied Survey Engineering, which included geodetic survey, topographic survey, aerial survey, and mapping. He actually practiced for ten years as a survey engineer." Is Lu Sheng Yen a career serviceman? "Yes. He graduated from the Chung Cheng Institute of Technology, Department of Survey. After four years and four months in this military school and, after graduating from it, he continued to serve in the army for ten more years, rising from second lieutenant to major. He retired as a major." Is Lu Sheng Yen a poet? "Yes. He writes traditional and modern verses and poetry. He has published a collection of poems titled A Wisp of Smoke. He is a poet." Is Lu Sheng Yen a writer? "Yes. He has worked as a journalist and an editor. He has written novels, essays, and poems. A prolific writer, he has published more than seventy books." Is Lu Sheng Yen a divinator? "Certainly. He has studied various disciplines in divination, such as astrology, numerology, face reading, aura reading, and palmistry. He is most famous for his spiritual reading." Is Lu Sheng Yen a geomancy expert?

"Yes. His knowledge in geomancy encompasses the theories of more than six different traditional schools, and his skill in analyzing residences and burial sites is second to none." What else is Lu Sheng Yen? He is a Christian (has been a Sunday Bible School teacher), a Taoist Master, a Buddhist Master (shaven and left home), and also the Living Buddha Lian-shen (a Tantric guru). Is Lu Sheng Yen a monk? "Yes. He is now a monk, after formally taking the vows and shaving his head." Is Lu Sheng Yen the lineage holder of the True Buddha School? "Yes, because he has founded the True Buddha School to propagate the True Buddha Dharma." Apart from the above, Lu Sheng Yen is also a psychic! He is someone who is everything. But, who, really, is Lu Sheng Yen?

Now, I must sit quietly in the Lotus position. I have to give this question deep contemplation. Everything in the past died yesterday. Everything in the present is born today. I have walked a very long path and searched a great deal. I have a whole basketfuls of experiences and my fantasies have been as intricate as the patterns of stars in the sky. Now, I have gathered up all of them and wrapped them in a piece of cloth. I am going to toss this bundle into the ocean, to let it float with the waves and sink to the deepest ocean bottom, never to resurface. I will transform into "One. " I will transform into "Zero. "

Amid my contemplation, sitting inside a circle of bright light, I have arisen. I realized: "I am the Buddha." "The Emptiness of Ego is Buddhahood." "The Emptiness of Ego is equivalent to Sunyata, the Void." Of everything in this world that I see with my physical eyes, there is not one thing that is mine. Every single phenomenon in this world undergoes transformation, is impermanent, and is inherently empty! In the state where the Ego is forgotten, Lu Sheng Yen does not exist anymore, not in the present, not in the past, and not in the future. The so-called Lu Sheng Yen is not really Lu Sheng Yen; such is really a name.

The flow of human life is faster than the water flowing downstream. We are here today, and yet nobody can assure us that we will be around tomorrow.


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