I vow that to benefit all sentient beings,
I shall not become a Buddha until all of them attain Buddhahood.
I also vow that I would rather be in the hell sustaining all their sufferings.





Siddharta Gautama,a delightful spot


Whether in the village or the forest, whether on high ground or low, wherever the enlightened live, that is a delightful spot.

Siddharta Gautama

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GM Lu Sheng Yen - Ocean of WisdomGrand Master Lu Sheng Yen - Ocean of Wisdom hot.gif
I realized: "I am the Buddha." "The Emptiness of Ego is Buddhahood." "The Emptiness of Ego is equivalent to Sunyata, the Void." Of everything in this world that I see with my physical eyes, there is not one thing that is mine. Every single phenomenon in this world undergoes transformation, is impermanent, and is inherently empty!

Grand Master Lu Sheng Yen - Garden of Enlightenment
To tell the truth, there is a great source of power in the universe, that is omnipresent and omnipotent. And I (Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Master Lu Sheng Yen) have assimilated myself into this force. I have gained enlightenment and unified with Buddha. I am a Buddha now, and Buddha is me.

SiddhartaBrilliant Moonlight of Enlightenment
If you want to become a Buddha you will never become, because a Buddha is one who has dropped all kinds of becoming, who is utterly happy in this moment -- for no reason at all. He has nowhere to go, no goal to attain, no target. He has dropped the whole desiring mind with all its layers -- layer upon layer.

Conversation between Lao Tzu and ConfuciusTalks Between Lao Tzu vs Confucius (Wei Wu Wei & Watercourse Way) 
Remember these three things. First : Be liquid, don't be hard and holding, don't control; remain in a state of uncontrol. Second: don't resist. Live the life of non-resistance, acceptance. Do not be in a constant conflict with existence. And third: be non ambitious, be a nobody. And if all these three secrets can be fulfilled, nothing else is needed: one has arrived!

Chuang Tzu, The Man of TaoChuang Tzu, The Man of Tao  
Last night I dreamed that I had become a butterfly, flying in the garden. If Chuang Tzu can dream that he can become a butterfly, why not the otherwise? A butterfly could dream that she had become a Chuang Tzu. A butterfly or Chuang Tzu does not matter, wake up! From any point, either from being a butterfly or from being a Chuang Tzu. All that is needed is WAKE UP! Who cares who you are? We care... your wakefulness, that is our concern.

Quan Yin Pu Sa saving all sentient beingsQuan Yin Pu Sa saving all sentient beings  
Avalokitesvara means one who looks from the beyond at the world, who is keeping himself in body-form, in mind-form -- he is keeping the whole ladder. He has gone beyond, but he is keeping the whole ladder -- to help, out of compassion. The last desire, to help people -- that too is a desire -- keeps him in existence.

The Secret Key to reach EnlightenmentThe Secret Key to reach Enlightenment  
When you are not doing anything, your energy is not moving out. It goes to the etheric. It is accumulated there. Your etheric body becomes an electric reservoir. And the more it grows, the more you become silent. The more you become silent, the more it grows. And once you know how to give energy to the etheric body and how not to waste it unnecessarily, you have come to realize, you have come to know about a secret key.